In The Custard...


The name's Amy, 17, living in the east of Ireland. I'm a RECURVE ARCHER as the name says

I love to make new friends, am very open, I really don't care what people do, so long as they are happy.

I really dont know what to write here, I see myself differently than how others do, I'm sure!

Things I Am:
> Irish
> Rocker
> Archer
> Lazy
> Loving
> Skinny
> Rambley
> HIM-a-holic
> Wierd
> Peaceful
> Indecisive
> Angry
> Loner
> Artistic

Things I Am Not

> Blonde (unless moments count)
> Stupid
> Chav
> Easily hurt
> Easily Tanned
> Friendly to assholes
> Closed minded (I really dont care what you are, so long as you are happy)
> Religious
> Goth
> Good with Maths
> Loose with my morals
> Social

I realise that I have made some paradoxial statements in this bio, but that's me, the angry pacifist, the quiet rocker, blah blah blah!

My friends mean the world to me, Aar, Davy, Kiwi, Emm, Reggie, Damo, Richy, Lumm, the list goes on. We are the biggest bunch of misfits.

ALSO! Take note, I am a grammar nazi, and will not hesitate to correct you...

Anyway, that's it, I look forward to talking to folk on this thing!